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By Wholesale Makeup on April 20, 2021

What are the characteristics that we must enhance to achieve young, healthy and attractive skin?

Smooth texture:

A smooth skin is more luminous, due to a lesser thickness of its stratum corneum and the absence of imperfections. A smooth skin texture, without imperfections is possible using different treatments.
The main one would be the fractionated ablative rejuvenation laser (Erbium) with which we will be able to eliminate small irregularities, refine the pores and improve the quality of the skin.
To this treatment we can add chemical peels, which are performed with different intensity and which also eliminate imperfections and marks with a minimum recovery time. They would be indicated in mild cases or as maintenance between lasers.
Finally, to maintain the results of medical procedures, we must not forget the appropriate treatments in the beauty salon or cosmetics for home use, especially various combinations of alpha-hydroxy acids, which we can offer both through magistral formulation and by prescription of commercialized products.

Homogeneous coloration:

Alterations in coloration and loss of uniformity is a characteristic sign of aging, since the sun accumulated over the years is the main inducer of the spots that appear on the face, neckline and hands. . We usually say that "there is no spot without sun." However, some hormonal situations such as pregnancy and the intake of contraceptives induce the appearance of spots in younger patients, the latter being somewhat more complicated to treat:
To achieve a homogeneous tone, we will indicate laser treatment for spots (Picosure) in cases that can benefit from it, in combination with depigmenting formulas, cosmetics with antioxidant ingredients and enhancing periodic maintenance.

Hydrated and resistant:

Healthy skin appears hydrated and has an optimal barrier function. The skin becomes thinner over the years and to achieve this resistant and "juicy" foot effect we use with very positive results:
Growth factor mesotherapy, which could be combined in some cases with non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid mesotherapy. These treatments provide a greater thickness to the dermis, which we have observed through clinical studies in the Dermatology Group. By increasing its thickness and hydration due to an improvement in its barrier function, the skin looks much healthier.

Firm and elastic:

Improving firmness is one of the keys to making the skin look healthier. In this sense, we must rely on:
Treatments that are collagen inducers, which used properly and with a good indication achieve very positive results.
We have seen that growth factor mesotherapy is capable of inducing collagen in the dermis.
Other treatments that we can indicate are biophotonic therapy (Kleresca) which, according to the latest studies, induces the formation of collagen by up to 400% and focused ultrasound (Ultherapy) that penetrate to very deep layers of the skin, inducing temperature optimal that our collagen needs to reactivate its growth naturally.
As maintenance we can use radio frequency and other cabin treatments

With attenuated wrinkles:

Finally, when we have achieved a luminous and hydrated skin, we can act on wrinkles to reduce them with classic and highly effective treatments such as small doses of botulinum toxin infiltrated in strategic areas of the face and infiltrations with hyaluronic acid.

Published by Wholesale Makeup April 20, 2021
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