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By Wholesale Makeup on April 20, 2021

With so much happening in the world, future trends move to extremes

1. Bright colors
Spring 2021 is all about bright and bold colors. Since many of us have been locked up for months, colorful, eye-catching makeup is a must to get noticed wherever you go. Eighties-style sparkling lips and eyes will be one of the top beauty trends for spring and summer, in fun blues, pinks and greens. When you get a chance to remove your mask, you will have something to show off!

2. Natural waves in our hair

Does the polished look feel a bit built for you? Okay, don't worry, just go for a fresher, more natural look with a volumizing lather for beautiful waves that look totally natural at any length. Whether you want to lift it up or just try a casual messy bun, for a laid back, "good hair" vibe.

3. Wet, sculpted hair

This is the season to get wet and go wild. If you've been blessed with long locks, spring and summer 2021 is a great time for that fresh-out-of-the-pool, slicked-back look with no chlorine smell or tangles. If your hair is shorter, do it in the style of the 20s, with a perfectly straight and perfectly sculpted hairstyle, for some control in these unpredictable times!

4. "Natural" makeup
If you're not going for bold, bright colors, a duller skin tone might be ideal. When was the last time you got your full face done? Almost natural is fashionable on the catwalk. Avoid skin treatments that are too shiny or too matte, and go for a more natural look. Try a lip balm instead of a deep red lipstick, and a relaxed eyeliner over a dramatic smoky eye, for a low-key, almost natural look.

5. Dark and bold eyeliner.
Maybe it's the result of covering our faces for months, maybe it's the desire to go back to the simpler days of early 2001. Whatever the reason, dark, thick-lined eyes are back. While you can go for a simple and bold line, smudged dark eyeliner gives you a rock star look.


Published by Wholesale Makeup April 20, 2021
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