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By Wholesale Makeup on April 20, 2021

How to make up vitiligo spots

Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes the appearance of areas on the skin without pigmentation (white spots), as a result of the loss of melanocytes. The areas where they can occur can be more or less extensive in highly visible places such as the face, hands or navel.

This disease affects 1% or 2% of the population. It usually appears before the age of 20, or after the age of 50. There is no apparent cause, there are only some theories that do not know very well if it is an immune system problem (this is the most accepted theory) or that it may have a genetic component, since 1 in 5 affected has a family member with this disease.

There is no drug to actually cure this disease, although there are certain alternatives to improve it. It is best to always go to a specialist doctor to give you the best option according to your case.

The important thing here is that we are beautiful just as we are, and that as Marilyn Monroe said, "beauty is in imperfection", we are free to do what we want and to seek to feel comfortable with ourselves. Who doesn't want to feel prettier, like themselves more, or even like others more? Outside complexes, a skin with vitiligo is also a beautiful skin, and there is no reason to be ashamed of it, it is a condition that, after all, makes you unique and special.

What products to use to make up vitiligo spots?

Today, we have many specific products for this that are resistant to water, sweat and protect the skin against UV rays. They have a long-lasting effect, correct and hide all imperfections. They look very natural, are very covering and adhere a lot to the skin. These products are:

Skin Long-Wear Fluid Powder Foundation Bobbi Brown

Studio Tech M.A.C

Dermacolor Camouflage Creme.

Dermablend Vichy

Revlon ColorStay 24H

Accord Parfait L'Oréal Paris

How to make up vitiligo spots step by step:

Prepare the skin: wash your face with plenty of water and soap or cleansing gel, tonic to refresh the skin of the face and close the pore. To finish, apply a moisturizer to protect and hydrate the skin.

Apply a primer to smooth skin imperfections.

Deposit a dark concealer only in the depigmentation areas. Remember to choose the tone that most closely resembles your skin. It is important to apply it by dabbing with a brush or sponge, trying not to notice too much the cuts between the corrected areas and the rest of the skin.

Do not be scared if your face still has different shades, since now is the time to apply makeup base and unify. The important thing here is that you have chosen a high coverage foundation that suits your skin type; and above all, be patient not to drag the base so that you do not take the concealer layer previously applied before. If you still notice differences in tones, you can apply concealer a little darker than the base, in the white areas, always blending so that the cuts are not noticeable.

For its fixation and a longer duration we will use translucent powders to seal our makeup. This step is also very important since we want it to be long-lasting makeup and not move us.

If you also have depigmentation in the hair of the eyebrows, you can use a specific mask for eyebrows that gives us the color that we are missing. In this case, my recommendation is the Benefit “Mini Gimme Brown +” brow mascara. It is applied like a mascara, but on the eyebrows, taking care not to smudge the contour. We can also use a pencil to shape our eyebrows.

As for the rest of the makeup, it depends on personal taste and the occasion in which it is going to be worn, it can range from a simple eyeliner to a smoky one with red lips.

Fixing spray to finish and enhance the duration of makeup.

Finally, keep in mind that pigmentary disorders can worsen if the skin becomes irritated, so we must take special care when removing make-up and always use specific products for sensitive skin.

In short, the important thing about how to make up vitiligo spots is that when we make up this type of skin, it is to hide and correct those depigmentation with fixed and covering products, so that the makeup does not move and the spots are not seen. Although we can also let them look, and wear them like model Winnie Harlow, who has used her illness as a hallmark.

Published by Wholesale Makeup April 20, 2021
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