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By Wholesale Makeup on April 20, 2021

The best 4 machines for you to take care of your skin at home

The best 4 machines for you to take care of your skin in your own home.

The skin is the most delicate organ of our body and that is why it needs the greatest care of factors such as the weather, clothing, pollution ... which, over time, affect your health. Creams and scrubs, while helpful, their effects are not far-reaching. Given this, many professionals recommend machines for the care of your face.

Microderm GLO: facial treatment machine

The microdermabrasion machine has diamond density and features the latest in safe 3D technology that makes it safe to use on all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Its results are typical of an aesthetic clinic or beauty salon and its daily use contributes to a smoother and softer skin.

Foreo Luna mini 2 Facial cleanser with anti-aging mode

If you are looking for a gentle but effective cleaning, the Luna mini 2 could provide this advantage, as it is the result of including several design improvements to its already well-valued previous model.

This device consists of a compact brush with soft silicone bristles with rounded tips, which by rubbing your skin are able to remove traces of dirt, makeup and oils from the surface, while removing dead cells that affect the appearance of the skin. . Also, it should be mentioned that by including in its design 3 zones of bristles of different lengths and T-Sonic pulsations, it cleans deeply and delicately. Its use is very simple and you can choose between 8 power levels, to adapt it to your needs and the specific characteristics of your skin.

Remington Reveal FC1000 Facial Cleansing Brush

The model offered by the Remington brand on this occasion could be the best value for money facial cleansing machine, so showing off skin that is always clean does not have to cost you too much. To describe it, we will start by saying that its system to remove impurities and dead skin cells consists of two actions that are vibration and rotation, which is why it is considered efficient.


Quimat SK-1068 Facial Cleanser and Sonic Massager

Another model that competes to be one of the most affordable is the one presented by the Quimat brand. However, its qualities make it one of the best options to gently cleanse your skin every day. Among its characteristics, we can highlight its design that includes medical grade silicone bristles, which can be an alternative for those who may have unfavorable reactions with nylon bristles.

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