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By Wholesale Makeup on April 20, 2021

10 Skin Care Tips

Mujer Aplicando Crema para Cuidado de la Piel Facial

Today, skin care is a trend, it is a necessity, it is fashion and it is health. The cosmetics and beauty industry has grown and developed specialized products to meet the needs of all of us.

Many of the cosmetics that you find in our store are developed with the latest technology and contain the best botanical, natural and specialized ingredients in rejuvenation.

You can get excellent alternatives for skin care with mid-range brands, the important thing is that you take care of your skin, find out about the latest trends in aesthetics and cosmetics so that you can maintain a healthy skin.

Now we are going to see 10 tips that will help you maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

1. Facial cleansing

Cleaning begins with the process of removing make-up, for this it is advisable to use a cleansing gel or micellar water.

2. Exfoliation

It is very important to exfoliate to remove all the dead cells and soften the skin, remember that you should do it at most once or twice a week to avoid dryness.

3. Toning

Many women often skip this important step. The toner, in addition to being the most refreshing and comforting step of the cleansing routine, allows you to eliminate the last residues of impurities that may remain on the face and will allow you to check if your skin has been completely clean. The ideal is to do it with a cotton

4. Tonic

A tonic applied with the fingertips helps to clean and reduce pores on the face, provides hydration and firmness to the skin, regulates the PH of the skin, maintaining the balance between the dry and oily areas of the face, giving the best possible result for your skin.

5. Use an essence.

Using an essence such as the Biological Ferment Panacea allows you to hydrate the skin after cleansing, leaving it smooth and soft. Thanks to its aqueous format, it penetrates deeper into the skin than other substances.

6. Mask

In the form of sheets or slices, the masks will become your new secret to show off perfect skin. As with the serum, you must choose the one that works best to satisfy the demands of our skin: luminosity, hydration, softness.

7. Eye contour

Taking care of the delicate skin under the eyes on a daily basis is key to preventing the dreaded fine lines and crow's feet. To achieve this, the eye contour is perfect and one of the most effective Korean beauty tips.

8. Hydration

Use a moisturizing cream or lotion, in addition to nourishing your skin, it will help you to fix all the products that you have previously applied. Even if you have oily skin, this step is essential, since hydrated skin prevents the appearance of pimples and wrinkles.

9. Use sun protection

Exposure to sunlight and artificial light generates spots on the skin and its aging, hence the importance of applying a sunscreen daily, both in summer and winter. This will protect your skin from premature aging and prevent the appearance of spots.

10. Deep facial cleansing

Every three months you can perform a deeper facial cleansing process, try to resort to a site specialized in aesthetics and dermatology for this.

Constantly evaluate the results, if you notice any change in your skin that you do not like, feel discomfort or irritation, please see your doctor.

What other types of techniques do you use to care for your skin?

Published by Wholesale Makeup April 20, 2021
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