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By Wholesale Makeup on April 20, 2021

5 Tips to Show off Perfect Eyebrows

Beautiful, well-designed brows can provide a deeper, more attractive look. To define the line of the eyebrows, in addition to plucking them, make-up should be applied; applying the color in strategic points you can achieve incredible effects.

1. Bushy eyebrows

If your eyebrows are sparsely populated or have small gaps, use a pencil the color of your hair to fill in the base of the eyebrow.

2. Unify the color

If these have lighter areas, dye those hairs with makeup of a darker color.

3. Intensifies or softens the curve of the eyebrow
If your eyebrows are too straight or arched, you can correct the shape by outlining the curve of the eyebrow above or below if they are arched.

4. Lengthens or thickens the eyebrow

If your eyebrows have been too thin or short, with shadow or a pencil of the same color, subtly on the natural line of the eyebrow, place a little color, this will allow you to gain length or volume in them.

5. Disciplined brows

To avoid swirls and tame unruly hairs, brush the eyebrows with a special comb and apply transparent mascara to set the hair well.

Published by Wholesale Makeup April 20, 2021
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